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Friday, 4 March 2016

Playing games with the juniors

Today Reia and I were planing games for the juniors we played a new game for them it was even new for us. The game was called Caterpillar this is how you play .so you can have as many people as you would like so They Would all lie on there tummy and the person at the start would get up and jump over the kids that are face Down on the ground and jump over all of them and the next person would do the same and we would time it And each time they do in they would have to beat there time and that is how you play the caterpillar game .it was fun but it was hard for us because we had to tell them how to play it lots of times because they Would not understand it but in the end they got it and understood it we did A jumping one and A rolling one I think the kids really liked our game.

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