Monday, 16 November 2015

Southwest zone

A few weeks Ago we did some Athletics we all did very well. I was happy about sprits because i think   I did very well And also i came first place that i never knew I could do I was really looking forwards  To the zone. about a few days later It was Time we hoped on the bus. time went fast my race was at 10.00 Then I hear on the speaker all the sprits girls come over here Before we could race we cheered For the others the next race then the next race. then 12 year old girls went up we got ready to race as They say go they shoot A fake gun in the air BOOM I run fast  we got to the finished  line I came last I was Not  sad that i came last or anything like that Anyways they have been training and i haven't. so I Think my next's goal Is to train but It dose not mean I'm A slow person I made it to the zone That Still pretty good At 2.30 we went back to school and went home this day has been filled of Awesomeness.