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Friday, 16 October 2015

My three goals

          My three goals            At the start of the year I had three goals They were running longer Getting better at my Reading,writing and maths and last of all Being A head girl. For running long I think I Need to do more training Because my running Skills have gone down  and are getting Lower  In the beep test.  I feel like I can't run As long on the Field so to Help me get faster I might go for more laps round the field in The Weekends also I need to get a move on  Because some sports at my School. For reading,writing and maths I am not that Sure  but I think I am doing pretty well I have Been doing lots of Mas at home. For Reading I am doing really well I am now at the Year 7/8 for reading. And last for writing I Have been writing very Awesome story were the Reader gets hook into it. For my last goal I Want to be a head girl for this goal I will Have to wait until next Year in year 8. My next step is to do some more home work challenges so i might can get head girl                  Thanks for reading my three thgoals

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